It's difficult to define why this site is here. Is it to show the images I've taken since 2001? Yes. Do I want to give voice to the stories I've been told during the photo shoots? Absolutely. Do I want to continue this project for years to come? That would be a dream come true. It's been such a pleasure to have met the people in the community, create art with them and hear their stories.

It is my hope that your visit to these pages will encourage you to share your story.

My Story

When I was growing up, my grandmother lived with my mom, dad and me. One day as she stood in the kitchen with her back to me she said, “You know, you're my favorite grandchild.” Being only seven or eight years old, I probably said, “ok” or “thank you.” She continued on, never once turning to look at me, “and as long as I live I'll always be with you. Even after I pass away, I'll still be with you.” I said, “Grandma how will I know you're there?” She stood perfectly still with her back to me and said, “whenever you get to a point in your life and you don't know which way to turn, just be still and listen.”

In 2001, just before starting this project, I was still and heard,
" be still and listen to the stories." And with that came these photos and incredible life stories...

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