"Just be still and listen."

It's difficult to define why this site is here. Is it to show the images I've taken since 2001? Yes. Do I want to give voice to the stories I've been told during the photo shoots? Absolutely. Do I want to continue this project for years to come? That would be a dream come true. It's been such a pleasure to have met the people in the community, create art with them and hear their stories.

Fourteen years later, I recently was asked by a viewer to the site what my experience has been from doing
The Project. After thinking for a minute, I replied, "I donít think anyone knows that Iíve cried a lot". That statement by me planted the thought, is it time to stop crying? Maybe The Project has served its purpose and hearing one more story wonít make a difference. Are the messages shared and intent of The Project still relevant? Is there anything that hasnít been said that still needs to be said? Or does each story expose the essence of human nature that needs to be revealed over and over again?

It is my hope that your visit to these pages will encourage you to share your story.


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